Mike Wolshire, LUTCF, CBC Background

It is our mission to have certified information and notations on this site to provide education so you can make an informed decision in plan and product selection, especially Medicare Health Coverage and related health care coverage.

You need the true and detailed facts, good and bad, especially for a Medicare Plan or related insurance products shown on this site.

Don’t buy until you have all the facts. Knowledge is the key to make informed decisions.

Do not be misled by media ads and what you have heard from friends and neighbors.

40 years in the business educated and well informed to be Benefits Specialist that can help with proper inform and find a plan that fits your needs.

Contact Mike Wolshire for Personal (via internet) and phone interviews by appointment. 740 687-0055 or email No fees or obligation. Contacting Mike Wolshire, by phone, email, or postal deliver authorizes Mike as a licensed sales agent to call to discuss available Medicare plans in your area.